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Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer lawn care tips to make your lawn in Stillwater, MN and Hudson, WI look great!


Fertilization and Weed Control


Maintain your lawns health and vitality with scheduled fertilizer and broadleaf weed treatments.




Water your lawn deep and less frequent. Light watering produces shallow grass roots. Deep watering produces a healthy root system, thus healthier grass.


✓ Always water in the early morning, this allows the foliage to dry before evening
✓ Never water in the afternoon due to evaporation
✓ Never water in the evening because the grass will spend the night moist, which may foster fungal disease


Lawns require 1" of water per week. Depending on soil type, apply the whole 1" at one time, or water twice a week applying 1/2" of water at a time. How long to let your sprinklers run to supply a 1/2" or more of water depends on two things: how fast the water comes out of the sprinkler and how fast the soil can absorb it.


Here is an easy way to measure how much water your irrigation system is applying during each watering cycle:


1. Set out a few empty soup cans in your lawn.
2. Let your irrigation system complete each cycle.
3. Measure how much water is in each can.
4. Adjust your irrigation timer accordingly.




✓ Set cutting height to 3" - 4". Tall grass helps to shade and cool the soil, which will help retain moisture, color and relieve heat stress
✓ Change the direction each time you mow
✓ Always use a sharp mower blade
✓ Don't bag your clippings
✓ Never cut off more than 1/3rd of the grass blade


Don't Forget To Take Care of Your Trees & Shrubs


Tree Pruning and Shrub Trimming


Now is a good time to trim shrubs and prune some trees. Many times this is neglected. It is much less expensive to prune annually than to let trees and shrubs become overgrown and have to correct extensive overgrowth. Call for a free estimate.


Pests and Diseases


This is the time of year that insect and disease activity is most prevalent in lawns. If watering properly and the grass is not responding, it may indicate the turf has a fungus or pest problem. Call us for more information and a free inspection.


Got Ticks, Ants, or Fleas?


We have the solution. Our granular insecticide will eradicate these pests and more.


Be one step closer to the lawn of your dreams!

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